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Frank Cretella
Landmark Hospitality

"Over the last 3 years of Landmark Hospitality’s relationship with Alexandria Brown & ADC Accounting, our company has doubled in size. As we move forward to double in size yet again, we are confident in ADC’s ability to continue to furnish us with the daily, weekly, and monthly reports that are the life blood of our organization’s financial health.

When a company grows, it’s been my experience that an in-house accounting team gets pulled in many directions and timely reporting always has a valid excuse to be late. With ADC, there are no excuses- just results.

The ADC Team is always available and willing to customize reports that enable you to drill down on data and improve performance. ADC is truly one of our secrets to success."






Robert Oldman
Whites Catering

"With my catering business growing rapidly it was time to find someone to take care of my bookkeeping and accounting because I was in way over my head. Not only that, I didn’t want to get bogged down with paperwork, I wanted to concentrate on making my clients happy.  ADC Accounting was exactly what I needed!"





John Williams
Crave Caterers

"ADC Accounting has addressed all of our Financial and Accounting needs, allowing our management team to focus on our business growth and our clients. In addition, ADC has helped our company create best practices and efficiencies which in turn have resulted in time and cost savings. ADC is able to provide  the information needed to better manage our business and their knowledgeable and professional staff is always available to assist our management team. "

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Christine King
Brookline Spa

"Opening a business in the current economic climate may seem crazy to some. To us it was certainly a challenge but, not enough to keep us from seeing the big picture. So, after we began work to open our restaurant, we soon realized we’d need to have a close eye on the books. It was evident just before opening weekend that we needed to contact ADC Accounting to make sure we got off on the right foot. The restaurant business is tough enough, so having piece of mind knowing our financial reports, taxes, payroll, and accounts payable are being handled makes my job much less stressful. We owe that all to our relationship with ADC Accounting!"






Scott and Nicole Backholm
Salon at 339

"From the very first meeting with Alexandria, we were immediately at ease. We had just escaped a very unacceptable situation with our previous accountant. This not only led to a large financial burden but also brought upon great anxiety. Alexandria and her staff were very tenacious in her information gathering which is just what we needed. We are getting ourselves back on track and we owe all of that to Alexandria! I would highly recommend ADC to anyone, without any reservation. We cannot thank her enough for what she has done for us!"





Joshua Kouri
Cape & Islands Construction

"Let’s face it.  Most contractors don’t get into business to do bookkeeping.  If you are anything like me you dread it and are constantly leaving it until the last minute when the pressure is on.

Working with ADC Accounting has been such a relief. It’s comforting to know I have found someone I can trust. I am more relaxed knowing that all of my bookkeeping, payroll and accounting details are being handled efficiently, on time and correctly.

Since hiring ADC I have found that I have more time to do what I do best which is managing my jobs, acquiring new jobs and hands on work. I highly recommend ADC Accounting to anyone serious about their business!"





Mike Black
The Real Deal
"As a restaurant owner I make moves everyday toward improving my business.  Some decisions are more or less impactful however, the choice to work with Alex at ADC accounting was one of the best we’ve made yet.  In my case, it seemed that my days were consumed by all the challenges of running a restaurant and the “numbers side of things” was put on the back burner.  It wasn’t until we called upon ADC that we got back on track and it was really easy.  Now they keep track of all of our accounts payable as well as weekly sales reports highlighting all the areas I need to know about.  In business they say “know your numbers” and now because of Alex and ADC Accounting, I do."

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Don Watkins
Don's Auto Cosmetics

"ADC’s services to my company are akin to the 90% efficient boiler that is in my basement, “gives me the warm fuzzy feeling” all the time.  The reporting and payments to the IRS and the DOR and all their sub-taxes etc. are just DONE.  I don’t have to think about them or worry about them or have gut-wrenching knots in my stomach wondering if I did it all correctly and on time ANYMORE!  Alex and her associates have done an impeccable, behind the scenes job for us at what we consider a great value."
Landmark Hospitality





Jeanne Cretella
Landmark Hospitality
"Utilizing ADC’s services for my Hospitality Company has proven to be extremely beneficial.  ADC has allowed us to focus on operations and yet know exactly where we stand financially on a timely basis.  The staff at ADC is always readily available, accurate and professional and serves as a liaison between us and our vendors which permit us to do what we do best, run our restaurants. The services offered, coupled with their knowledge of restaurants,  provides us with the necessary tools to make sound financial decisions and to track our business on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

Our continued and successful growth is possible in many ways due to the support and partnership which we are proud to have with ADC."