Alexandra DiCensioAlexandria DiCenso Brown is the epitome of the American dream. Born of Italian immigrants, her parents instilled work ethic and appreciation of liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Her father earned an engineering degree and used his cultural education growing up in Italy to open and successfully operate Italian restaurants on Cape Cod throughout Alex’s childhood. From an early age she spent much of her time at her father’s side learning all aspects of the restaurant industry as well as the ups and downs of owning a business.

After high school, while earning a degree from Quincy College she used her skills to quickly advance her position within a local accounting firm that catered to restaurants. After many years of service she made the decision to branch out on her own and start an accounting firm based on the principals that nurtured her success. Thus began ADC Accounting!

Alex devotes much of her time, effort and energy to ADC Accounting and the success of its clients, but when it’s time to relax she enjoys time with her husband Greg and her “children”, a chocolate lab named Bruno and a sweet blue-nosed pit bull named Tyson. On nice days you may find them at a park or a beach playing fetch and during the New England winters they can all be found warming up by the fireplace with a good movie or maybe the latest Downton Abbey episode.


Hometown:Medford, MA